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The thirst

It is again that beautiful evening when my soul is feeling the euphoria. I just came from evening walk at kankaria lake, sweating badly, fresh and flushed out the stress of whole day. I completed one week to work and had just completed the college. Everything was going very smooth.

After walking in summer the first thing any would demand is a chilled water bottle. I too m no different, I took out the bottle from refrigerator and thought to sip it complete after I complete stretching. The period of stretching was of 5 minutes and that 5 minutes a thought came to my mind to drink the water from “matka”. I was so thirsty that to control that feeling and go to kitchen, take that glass out, fill water into it seemed a very long task. But still I asked myself to do it.

The moment I took the first small sip of water, the thirst of water from last 2 hrs of walking just soothed away like a cold breeze flowing around your body. The small sips which had a strong pump and push to my feeling of thirst made a magical effect to my body. It was awesome for the first time. So many thoughts came to mind with a shadow of happiness and joy.

For thr first time at the stage of maturity I realise that patience for anything which you want very badly can completely change the need and can make it a magical moment for you. Let the patience take place in this fast stressful life to balance the happiness which we all need..


There is not much need of proving to most school boys that are necessary. They are quite convinced that they are and most desirable, too. They welcome a holiday from school with hilarious joy and plague the headmaster on the least excuse to let them off their lessons. It would be more in place to try to convince them of work and study. Yet it may be desirable to show those regular intervals of rest, recreation, or a change of occupation are really necessary. As the old rhyme says,

All work and no play,

Makes Jack a dull boy.


Holidays at proper intervals are especially necessary for young people, and for those engaged in hard mental work; for continuous work, without a break, will injure the health, and may cause a nervous breakdown. A short holiday, rightly used, will send us back to our work with renewed zest and vigour.

“Rightly use.” It all depends upon that. For holidays may be abused. If the holiday is spent in stupid idleness, or in an exhausting round of exciting amusements, or shut up in close stuffy rooms drinking and playing, or in any other unhealthy way, the boy or man will come back to his work tired, listless, and uninterested. The holiday instead of doing good, has done harm, much more harm than steady work could ever do.

How can a holiday be then, be best used, so that at the end of it we shall come back to our work with energies renewed and interest keener than ever? If we are students or have been shut up in a stuffy office, we should get away into pure air of the country and live a healthy, open-air life, enjoying games or sports. We should avoid unhealthy amusements, keep early hours and get plenty of refreshing sleep. And we should not be completely idle. Change of occupation is a rest. And if we have a little regular work to do, work that we have an interest in, it will make our holidays not only healthier but more enjoyable.